Brane models

Angel Uranga (Madrid)

2002-10-28 14:15, Salle Itzykson, IPhT
2002-10-29 14:15, Salle Itzykson, IPhT
2002-10-30 16:30, Salle Itzykson, IPhT
  1. Basics of intersecting D-brane worlds
    • Introduction: string phenomenology
    • Brane worlds and D-branes: properties of D-branes, chirality from D-branes
    • Intersecting brane worlds: construction and examples
  2. More advanced constructions
    • Comments on supersymmetry
    • Orientifold planes: SUSY model building, non-SUSY model building
  3. D-branes at singularities
    • D-branes at singularities and chirality
    • D3- and D7-branes at orbifoldsingularities: MSSM-like constructions and examples
    • Comparison of different classes of models
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Brane models
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