Quantum many-body problem: selected topics

Olivier Parcollet (IPhT)

2009-11-20 10:00, Salle Itzykson, IPhT
2009-11-27 10:00, Salle Itzykson, IPhT
2009-12-04 10:00, Salle Itzykson, IPhT
2009-12-11 10:00, Salle Itzykson, IPhT
2009-12-18 10:00, Salle Itzykson, IPhT

The goal of this set of lectures is to provide an introduction to some current themes of research in quantum many-body theory in condensed matter physics. The lectures will be primarily aimed at a non-specialist audience and I will try to emphasize the main results and open questions, while minimizing the technical derivations.

The tentative plan is :

  1. Introduction to strongly correlated systems.
    • From Fermi liquids to Mott insulators.
    • Examples of Mott insulators in solid state and atomic physics.
    • Doping a Mott insulator : the example of high-temperature superconductors.
  2. Quantum impurity models in equilibrium.
    • Kondo and Anderson models. Kondo effect.
    • Methods of solutions of quantum impurity models.
    • Introduction to Dynamical Mean Field Theory and its applications.
  3. Quantum impurity models out-of-equilibrium.
    • Schwinger-Keldysh formalism.
    • Illustration on simple examples.
    • Wingreen-Meir formula. Kondo effect in quantum dots.
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Quantum many-body problem
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