The flavour and CP problems as windows for new physics beyond the Standard Model

Antonio Masiero (Padova)

2003-04-25 14:30, Salle Itzykson, IPhT
2003-04-30 14:30, Salle Itzykson, IPhT
2003-05-16 14:30, Salle Itzykson, IPhT
2003-05-23 14:30, Salle Itzykson, IPhT
  1. Critical assessment of the Standard Model: observational and theoretical needs to go beyond the standard model.
  2. Grand unified theories. The fate of baryon, lepton and flavour number in GUT's.
  3. Low energy supersymmetry: why and how.
  4. The flavour and CP problems in SUSY.
  5. Neutrino masses and mixings in SUSY.
  6. FCNC and CP violation in K, B and lepton physics: the pre-LHC race to obtain indirect SUSY signals.
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Flavour and CP problems
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