Directions: Most courses take place in salle Itzykson at the Institut de Physique Théorique (IPhT), located at the site called Orme des Merisiers of CEA Saclay. To find IPhT, consult Google Maps, or follow these directions. After entering the building 774 through the main entrance, take the door at the back left of the entrance hall, and look for the salle Claude Itzykson (door number 1A) on your left.

Access: Access to IPhT is normally free, but in times of trouble (for instance shortly after a national security emergency) there may be security checks at the entrance of Orme des Merisiers. Visitors should have an ID, and be able to explain why they want to enter. Having a printout of the course's poster can help.

Lunch: It is usually possible to have lunch with the speaker and other participants after each lecture. This is then announced by the organizers at the end of the lecture.

Organizers: Monica Guica, Riccardo Guida, and Pierfrancesco Urbani.

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Email: coursesatipht [dot] fr