Theoretical physics courses have been regularly taking place at IPhT since 1996. This website indicates which courses are planned or have taken place, how to attend, and where to find associated material such as lecture notes. Comments and questions on a course's subject matter are welcome on the course's page.

Where: At the Institut de Physique Théorique (IPhT), near Paris, France.

When: Usually on Friday mornings, 3-6 courses per academic year, 3-7 lectures per course, 2 hours per lecture.

For whom: Everyone, no registration needed. Mostly researchers, including graduate students. For the latter, the courses can count as part of the mandatory training, when they are approved by the relevant École Doctorale.

By whom: Mostly IPhT staff researchers.

Topics: A wide range of topics in theoretical physics. 

Texts and more: Lecture notes, review articles, and books, have been written following the courses. Slides or films are sometimes available.

Language: Mostly English, sometimes French, as indicated by the courses' titles.